Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5 Star Hotel

Nothing beats a vacation or a few nights out of town like sleeping in a luxurious 5 star hotel room. Why
pay all that money when you can bring that experience to your own home? With a few simple DIY
decoration tips, you can be sleeping in your own 5 star bedroom. Here are six simple ways to style your
bedroom into a 5 star hotel getaway for relaxing sleep every night.


Start With Plush White Bedding

Nothing screams luxurious like spotless all-white bedding! The best hotels always keep the bedding
simple because this leaves room for other accessories and d├ęcor to really pop in the room. Also, white is a
calming and uplifting color to sleep in. Add small pops of color with shams and throw pillows to really
set the mood. You will be on your way to vacation-styled rest in no time!
Accessorize Accordingly

Using bed trays is a fun way to stay organized and enjoy your down time. You can leave one on the bed
or nightstand to keep all jewelry, keys, and cell phones organized when you are heading off to dream
land. This is also a fun way to enjoy your coffee in bed before rushing out the door after the kids or to
work. Leave a handful of mints or chocolates in the tray for a late night sweet treat!

Add In Some Seating

With a stylish chair and ottoman duo, you can have that 5 star feeling every time you walk into your
bedroom. Not only does this bring the room together, but it offers a place to enjoy the peace and quiet of
your bedroom without crawling into bed. Laying out your clothes each night on your chair will also save
your time in the morning. Add a matching throw pillow to really spice things up.

Room Darkening Curtains

One of the perks of staying in a hotel is being able to block out all light for a good night’s rest. Instead of
opting for window blinds, get curtains that are designed to block out light. During the day, pull them back
and tie them for a beautiful way to drawn in natural light. Use a color that will match your throw pillows
to make everything really pop without over-decorating the room.

Keep Things Simple

One thing you will notice in every hotel room is the lack of clutter. Keep all your accessories tucked away
and all flat surfaces clean. Make use of nightstand drawers, dresser drawers, and closet space to store hair
products, brushes, perfumes, and so on. Keep things that should be used in the bathroom, in the
bathroom! If you happen to have a master bath, keep things simple by leaving out only travel sized soaps
and lotions to give you a clean and crisp hotel-like feeling in the bathroom.

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