Choosing art for your home

When it comes to decorating you home, you can never be too fussy! Choosing the right décor for each room will either brighten it up, or make it dull and unattractive. You want to aim for inviting pieces or wall art that will strike up conversations while not over-powering the presence or energy of the room. Here are 6 simple tips to shop by when choosing décor for your home.


Buy Art You Enjoy

If you go into a shop and leave with items you feel indifferent towards, you will not enjoy them in your home. You always want to see a bit of “you” in each item you purchase. Blindly grabbing objects because they match will have you wanting to change the art and décor in your home too often. Whether you are in the market for wall art or table and shelf pieces, be true to who you are.

Use Focal Points

When decorating a room, you want to pick the main focal point of each area. Once you have this, you will know how to decorate accordingly. Using a fireplace, for example, as a main focal point in the family room will give you the option to use its frame as a décor shelf. Placing a mirror above it will make the room larger while pointing out the main focal area.

Proper Hanging

You never want to hand things that don’t match on the same wall. I am talking about color, not theme or item. You can combined all different styles or art on one single wall, just be sure to keep the color context aligned. It helps to have one main art piece and choose others based off that one. If you can’t decide, simple choose neural or black and white art pieces. They will never clash.


Properly lighting your décor is the key to an attractive mood in any room. Using dim lighting around or behind artwork will not only brighten up a dull area, but offer extra lighting at night. Be sure to keep all lighting clean and simple, never leave wires hanging in plain sight. Using mirrors is a great way to shift natural lighting across the room without spiking up your electricity bill.

Color Palette

The most important key to properly decorating any home is the color choice. You can choose to do each room a separate color but you always want it to flow. Using art and décor is no different. Avoid matching the paint color to pictures you hang on the wall. A good trick to really liven up a room is to use the opposite color of the wall on the color wheel. This will also allow you to have a bright two-tone color theme that will fill the entire room with energy.

Sizes & Shapes

You will want to have a nice mix of different sizes of art and décor in each room. Using the same size framed art can be boring! You never want to go too small or too big. When using floor pieces, it is best to keep them at your knee height or higher. Shorter pieces draw too much attention to the floor. You want to keep attention at the mid level of each

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