7 ways to style your bed


The focal point of most bedrooms is usually the bed as it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. It not only sets the entire mood, but draws together accents of décor. When choosing bedding, it is not just important for you to choose the right color, but also the style and bedding accessories as well. Adding flair to your bedroom is as easy as properly styling your bed! Here are 7 great ways to turn a frumpy bedroom into a luxurious resting place.

Throw Blankets & Pillows

Using throw blankets and pillows is a great way to add fun flair to even an old bedding set. Use the brighter colors in your comforter of choice. If you are using a solid comforter, opt for patterns and shapes on your blankets and pillows. This will draw eyes to the focal point of the bedroom; Your bed.

Hide The Box Spring

Dressing your bed the right way should always result with the box spring being hidden. You can use bed shirts or over-sized comforters and quilts to take care of this. When using a bed skirt, be sure to keep it a solid color.

Pick Your Wall

Some people prefer to have the bed in the middle of a wall, others like it offset, and some prefer it in the corner. Where you choose to have your bed will not only change the flow of energy in the room, but make the décor and styling shift dramatically.

Add a Canopy

Adding in a canopy can be a fun and inviting way to make your bedroom scream oasis. You can use ceiling canopies or opt for a bed frame that has the panels to hang curtains. Be sure to use proper tie-backs when it is not being used.

Use a Bench or Trunk

Placing a bench or storage trunk at the foot of the bed will not only make the bed look larger, but offer a place to keep all your bedding accessories when you are actually using the bed. Extra long ottomans also do the trick and like the trunk, they will offer storage space for extra blankets and pillows.

Mix-up Patterns

Flat bedding can be boring! Adding in slight pattern changes is a great way to accessorize your bedding without over-doing it. Use stripes, polka dots, animal print, and so on to bring vibrant fun to your bedroom.

Properly Frame the Bed

If your bed is in the center of the room on the main focal wall, you will want to use nightstands on both sides of the bed. If you have the bed against two walls (in the corner), one nightstand is plenty. You don’t ever want to add bulky tables to your bedside. It can make the whole room seem a lot smaller. Always opt for smaller and simpler nightstands to keep the bed the main focal point in the room.

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